My name is Gerd Serrasolses and I was lucky enough to start enjoying rivers when I was 14 years old and my love and respect for them is enormous; I can’t imagine my life without free flowing rivers.



Rivers are threatened all around the world and something has to be done about it, we can not allow Governments to sell our rivers, our water… to private companies to build dams and produce power, drying our rivers while becoming richer and more powerful. But at the same time we have to be conscious and reduce our water and power footprint; we have to use less water, use less power, eat less meat, reduce, recycle, be more aware of our actions and its impacts on this planet, we need to change, now, and change starts within each one of us.

I personally think the BRT is a great initiative and something I’d love to see in many other places around the world. I have deep respect and admiration for this project and I wish I had the will, commitment and the guts to do something like this and save the rivers that matter most to me. I hope one day I will. Thank you BRT and good luck on your project protecting our rivers, make sure to enjoy every water drop!


Going deep.

Gerd on the majestic Stikine.

Kayaking is all about rumbling free flow.

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balkan rivers tour 2

30.3. — 1.5. 2017