I met Rok a year ago during a Patagonia event. A committed kayaker. He then told me about the project he was involved in to save rivers from abusive dam construction. Today, the second edition of the tour is well on. It is crossing 5 countries, numerous rivers and quite some mountains. From Slovenia to Greece through Montenegro and Albania.

As a professional skier, I am obviously very supportive to river conservation, even though I am no kayaker. I prefer a colder type of water: snow. The areas these rivers cross stand as a fantastic playground for skiing and alpinism. Ski touring in those beautiful regions is still on my list of mountains to explore. I would be very happy if the landscapes remained wild. Are there no alternatives to an aggressive form of development?

I have always been sensitive towards renewable energies. Going beyond the mere notion of profit, there must be smart solutions, which would allow a healthy development for man and nature. Practicing a lot of outdoor sports, skiing of course but also enduro bike, climbing, surfing… I am always in touch with nature. It still has a great deal of secrets to unveil to us. It is up to us to understand it. Caring about the environment is caring about man.

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Awesome kayak art by Simon 😉


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30.3. — 1.5. 2017